The Club is excited to provide a new website to our OEFC players, coaches and parents. On this site you will find a few new items and want to make you aware:

  • Blog: We will be updating our blog to recognize teams, players and coaches throughout the year. This is also a great place to find information related to announcements.
  • Community Page: Here you will find spotlights for players we want to recognize, recent blog posts, information related to upcoming Speaker Series and you will also have the ability to nominate someone to be featured.
  • Teams & Coaches: Each coach and team has a page dedicated to them on our new site. We want to provide you with access to reaching out to any of our coaches should you have questions. If you want to share a photo of your team please email that to us at
  • Events: There are a few events that take place every year that we encourage our OEFC family to participate in such as Paint the Pitch Pink. Please let us know if there is an event you would like to see featured.

We will continue to update the site in the coming weeks with new information. Please check back in frequently!