Club Logo/Naming Rights, Apparel and Merchandising Policy

The Oklahoma Energy FC logo, name, and any trade name or variation of the same is considered trademarked intellectual property of and proprietary to Oklahoma Energy FC. Only approved vendors are allowed to produce apparel, merchandise or any similar product bearing the logo or name(s) of Oklahoma Energy FC. Individuals wishing to use the logo or name(s) of the club on any apparel, merchandise or similar product must have prior approval of the Administrator.

Club Fundraising Policy

Oklahoma Energy FC expects players and/or teams to volunteer time and participate in support of certain program‐wide fundraising events. Such events typically serve as fundraisers for the club and may or may not directly benefit individual players or teams. Oklahoma Energy FC may also provide fundraising events to players and/or teams that may benefit the individual player, team and/or club. Certain fundraising events shall require mandatory participation.

Team Fundraising Policy

Players and/or teams are expected to volunteer time to support team‐level fundraising events. Teams must be granted approval by the Administrator prior to holding a fundraising event. Players and/or teams are required to submit the fundraising information to the Administrator at least two (2) weeks in advance of the event. The fundraising event shall not be advertised prior to approval. Players and/or teams shall be responsible for determining how funds raised from team‐level fundraising events shall be distributed.

Promotions, Solicitations, and Distribution of Materials Policy

Any promotions, solicitations, distributions of written and/or other materials or any advertisement not approved by Oklahoma Energy FC is strictly prohibited at any training session, game or other activity sponsored by the club.