Girls ECNL

The ECNL Girls is a US Club Soccer-sanctioned league founded in 2009 to enhance the developmental experience of the female youth soccer players in the United States.
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The Boys ECNL is based on the values of grass-roots collaboration and innovation, and supports the independence and freedom of coaches and clubs to fully manage the development path for their players.



Girls ECRL

ECNL Girls Regional Leagues are operated and managed by the ECNL Girls to insure a consistent environment and level of professionalism across all leagues. Each league allows the opportunity for teams and players in other clubs to develop through regular high level competition.

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ECNL Boys Regional Leagues are operated and managed so as to ensure a consistent environment and level of professionalism across all leagues, facilitating more club connectivity between levels of play and providing a path for more players within each Member Club to reach their fullest potential.




The Northern Frontier Conference is Premier II Division under the Frontier Conference and operates at a multi-
state level — providing high-level competition on a consistent basis at a targeted local level (Arkansas and

The winner of each Northern Frontier Conference age group will earn automatic promotion to the Frontier
Conference for the 2024-25 season.



Oklahoma Premier League is operated by the Oklahoma Soccer Association who promotes soccer in Oklahoma through education, training, development, and advancement of players, coaches, referees, and those who support and promote the game.




The Pre-ECNL – North Texas is a new addition to the ECNL platform.  The expanded opportunities for the players and clubs participating in the league are fantastic and having a pathway into the ECNL Regional Leagues and future ECNL events is a game-changer for our members.

The Pre-ECNL – North Texas will include teams from U11 and U12 from clubs throughout Dallas and other cities in northern Texas and Oklahoma.